healthy for your life is publishedIt’s official…my book Healthy For Your Life is published. I received the proof copies on Wednesday, and they looked good! So I approved them for printing…and we drank some Prosecco to celebrate.

Then Saturday night, before heading off to bed (which was hard, because I am in the middle of watching the fourth season of “The Americans”), I opened my Amazon app and searched for my name to see if the book was available there yet…


…and it was!

I started this project a loooong time ago. It progressed in fits and starts and then sat firmly on the back burner as I got busier and busier with other freelance writing projects. Now that it’s done, it seems both surreal and anti-climatic at the same time. I’m not quite sure how to explain it.

For now, the print version of the book is available via Amazon. The Kindle version will be available soon. (We still have to do some formatting so it looks nice in electronic format.) I’m also selling copies (autographed if you like) via the Healthy For Your Life website. I expect to receive a shipment August 7, so I’ll mail them out then.