Healthy For Your Life Book ArtYikes…it’s been a while (cough) since my last post. Like, 2 1/2 months. Let me tell you, that time went by thisfast. I was traveling for about half of May, and battling a cold for the other half. Then in June, I was busting my behind finishing a book rewriting/editing project. The nanosecond I turned that in, I pivoted to finishing MY book, which had been languishing in 95-percent-done mode for several months.

Naturally, in those intervening months I decided there were parts of the book I wanted to rewrite, and new material I wanted to add. And, of course, none of my normal freelance writing went on hiatus. Nor did the speaking gigs I have lined up in the next few months (not that I wanted them to). And summer is the time to craft proposals for conference speaking gigs I hope to do next year. In sum, I felt like I was channeling Maggie Smith in “Downton Abbey.” “What is a ‘weekend‘?” I vaguely remember weekends. (In case you are on my e-magazine list, and wondered why there was no June issue, now you know why. If you’re not on my e-magazine list, you can be!)

Healthy For Your Life CoverSo, the book is (finally!) done, and it’s 90 degrees, so I’m spending the weekend sequestered in my home office. (It’s the only room in my house other than the master bedroom that has air conditioning) My companion is a furry golden retriever who keeps sending me baleful brown-eyed looks that say, “Why is it so hot?” I’m working on the book website (well, my web designer husband will be doing most of the heavy lifting on that end…he also designed the book cover and interior). I’m also designing all the downloadables that will be on said website. “Healthy for Your Life: A holistic approach to optimal wellness” will be available next month via Amazon and my own website. Stay tuned for further deets!