Today is one of those days when I am completely unmotivated to work out. It’s cold, I would really rather stay in my jammies, etc. But it’s Tuesday, and I have a workout planned for this morning, so I will do it. It helps that as I’m sitting here blogging, I only have to glance up to see the index card pinned to my bulletin board with my short-term and mid-term goals written on it.

The only way to reach a goal is to put in the time and legwork necessary. Today, that’s literal legwork, as you’ll see below. I guess I better get to it…

Day 4 (Tuesday): Legs, glutes, back, biceps
Split squats (3 sets total)
Alternating sets of:
Single-arm dumbbell rows (3 sets total)
Single-leg deadlifts* (3 sets total)
Alternating sets of:
Dumbbell pullovers (3 sets total)
Stability ball hamstring curl (3 sets total)
Alternating sets of:
– Twisting bicep curls** (3 sets total)
Standing calf raises (3 sets total)

* I do these with a dumbbell in each hand. I think it would be harder to balance with a dumbbell in only one hand, but maybe that’s the point.

** Could not find a single web page I was willing to link to, so here’s my description: Stand with your feet spaced comfortably apart and your knees slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides with your arms straight and palms facing in. Slowly lift the dumbbells, gradually turning your palms as you go so that they face upward by the time they reach your shoulders. At the top of the movement, turn your pinky fingers toward your shoulders and squeeze your biceps.