Happy Friday. The good news is that I got all of my end of term projects turned in on time (early, actually). The bad news is that I got hit with a stomach bug before I could celebrate. Two days with a bad stomach ache and no appetite wasn’t fun…but as anyone who’s ever had food poisoning or the “stomach flu” knows, it could have been much worse! So I spent yesterday doing a little catching up, and that includes on the nutrition news of the week.
  • With the holidays upon us, many home kitchens are busier than ever…which means that foods safety is more important than ever to avoid the spread of foodborne bacteria and viruses. In other words, “Don’t Cut Corners When it Comes To Clean Knives” or graters. Ick!
  • Wow, it’s true…men are from Mars and women are from Venus, at least when it comes to how “Too Little Sleep Spurs Appetite-Boosting Hormones.” Men get more of the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin, while women get less of the satiety-producing hormone GLP-1. Either way, don’t skimp on sleep!
  • I want to age well, you want to age well, we all want to age well. Guess what? “Aging gracefully is not just a matter of having good genes.” It comes down to little things like, you guessed it, diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress and the like. That’s good news, and here’s more: Even small efforts can have a big impact.
  • On that note, here’s an EatingWell article by way of The Chicago Tribune on “3 diet tricks of people who live longer.”
  • I now have a new three-word phrase in my lexicon: Brominated vegetable oil. Another reason not to drink soda and such. And now, as The New York Times explains, this “Drink Ingredient Gets a Look.”
On that note, have a great weekend! I plan to continue my marathon viewing of Season 1 of “The Good Wife,” which I watched a lot of while I was laying immobile on my couch trying not to be queasy. Glad that part’s over!