I’ve been on a cooking kick since we got home from Paris. I blame this on the abundance of gorgeous produce on virtually every Paris street corner, as well as the superior quality of grocery store staples like yogurt, butter, milk, mustard, salt. It probably didn’t hurt that getting away on a real vacation helped shove my brain into a post-grad school (read: normal life) mindset, and my normal life involves a lot of cooking.

There are several food blogs that I follow, and one of my favorites is Food52. I’m not even sure if it can be called a blog anymore, to me it seems like a massively prolific force of nature. Anyway, while I find Food52 to be a rich resource for interesting recipes, I especially love their themed posts that are more about a food category than about recipes, per se (although they do include recipes). I feel that these posts encourage the type of kitchen creativity that makes us better, more efficient and more inspired cooks. For example:

They also have a huge series of Kitchen Confidence posts, such as:

Whether you are a novice or expert cook, I encourage you to check Food52 out (if you haven’t already!