I hope you had a great holiday weekend! My kitchen no longer looks like a war zone, I have clean laundry and I’ve swapped out turtlenecks for tank tops, so all is well in my world. (Plus, I watched old episodes of the French Chef while I was doing my seasonal closet cleanout. I know that production values have come a LONG way, but I tell you want, Julia Child is still the best. Her content really has held up over the decades, and where else are you going to learn that to skin an eel you start by nailing the eel’s head to a board? Not on Rachel Ray, that’s for sure.)
Anyway, if you didn’t see my column in Sunday’s Seattle Times, “8 ways to boost metabolism and aid weight loss,” check it out. I wrote the column because a lot of people think they have a slow metabolism, but they don’t, yet, as I write about in the column, there are factors within our control that can affect our metabolism for better or for worse. If you read my columns, you know how I love to bust nutrition myths and set the record straight.
I’ve got a busy but fun week this week. I’m taking a cooking class tonight at PCC Natural Markets on “Elements of Flavor.” Since they offer the class regularly, I’ll give my review of it tomorrow. Then tomorrow evening I’m going to hear Leanne Brown, a food-studies scholar and author of the cookbook Good and Cheap: Eat well on $4/Day (which you can download for free in PDF form) give a talk at Town Hall.